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1st Death Due to Vaping Found in Florida, Georgia

1st Death Due to Vaping Found in Florida, Georgia

Two vaping-associated deaths one in Florida and one in Georgia brought the nationwide total to 11 on Wednesday.

The Florida Department of Health reported an updated case count of vaping-associated illnesses to their website Tuesday, which included one death. Someday later, the Georgia Department of Health also reported a death.

The person in Georgia reportedly had a history of “heavy nicotine vaping,” based on the state agency. However, they didn’t report that the person had a history of vaping other substances, similar to THC.

No data relating to the person who died in Florida has been made available by the Florida Department of Health. There have been 27 reported cases of lung injury this year, from January 1 by September 21, tied to vaping or e-cigarettes

As of last week, at the least 530 cases of lung injury related to vaping or using e-cigarette products have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Acting Commissioner of the FDA testified on Capitol Hill Wednesday on this unexpected increase and the continued use of those products by youngsters.

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