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Cincinnati City Council to Consider Erasing Some Marijuana Offenses

Cincinnati City Council to Consider Erasing Some Marijuana Offenses

Cincinnati City Council is scheduled to debate expunging certain marijuana-related offenses Monday.

The proposed ordinance comes after city leaders removed punishment for people caught with up to three ounces of marijuana.

On June 12, council decriminalized possession of 100 grams or much less of marijuana found inside city limits. A person can still be cited for a possession; however, wouldn’t be fined and wouldn’t have a criminal record as a result.

The proposed ordinance would call for those convicted of nonviolent offenses involving 100 grams or less to have their record expunged.

For three fiscal years, starting with the beginning of 2021, the council would yearly allot an amount of money determined by the city manager for expungement representation services for those convicted within the city.

They would supply the council to those convicted from a 3rd party. Council wouldn’t be able to reduce the overall budget to offset or account for the cost of the effort.

Marijuana is illegal in public places and is in conflict with Ohio law.

The city manager can be answerable for identifying who would qualify for expungement, how much it might cost, and setting them up with representation services.

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