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Huawei Hongmeng Crew Intends to Go Beyond Android Substitute

Huawei Hongmeng Crew Intends to Go Beyond Android Substitute

The crew behind Huawei’s self-developed OS, “Hongmeng,” is trying beyond only developing an Android substitute.

Huawei’s OS Kernel Lab for the engineering of its exclusive OS started employment in 2016 for its facilities in China, the US, Canada, and Germany. It was seeking to hire full-time engineers, system architects, researchers, and interns to develop a “next-generation OS” integrating up-and-coming applied sciences such as 5G, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), autonomous vehicles (AV) and more, in line with job listings posted by Huawei’s software program institute on its official WeChat support account.

The lab relies on six places along with Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, and with universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Expertise (MIT), Stanford, and Yale, based on the website and job postings. MIT and Stanford have lately refused ties with the distressed telecom giant, and Yale couldn’t instantly be reached for comment.

“We’re dedicated to researching future OS kernel,” an English-language 2018 job listing for the lab read. The crew was dealing with developing an OS for next-gen know-how, “leading the route of the OS business development,” the post read.

Successful candidates will obtain “unlimited and unprecedented high salaries” (our translation) guarantees the newest recruitment post on WeChat dated March 25.

One among Huawei’s OS lab areas is on the Shanghai Jiao Tong University campus. Livonia visited the lab on May 21 and confirmed that its leader is Chen Haibo, who is also the mission director.

Chen visited Huawei’s OS Kernel Lab in 2017, after which its online profile became way more visible. For instance, it was listed as the primary contributor to Linux’s open source group, that means the lab submitted probably the most Linux kernel patches among other Chinese contributors.

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