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Sperm Donor’s 12 Children Diagnosed with Autism

Sperm Donor's 12 Children Diagnosed with Autism

A single sperm donor is a biological father of at the least 12 children who all developed autism a rare case that prompted one woman to sue her sperm bank, based on news.

The case appeared when the woman, Danielle Rizzo of Illinois, was researching treatments for her two sons, who each have autism, based on The Washington Post. Both sons had been conceived with sperm from the identical donor, and Rizzo was shocked to find that other mothers who used the identical donor also had sons with autism, the Post reported.

Rizzo was informed that the probability of all these related kids having autism by chance was similar to the all mothers “opening up a dictionary and pointing to the same letter of the same word on the identical page at the same time,” she informed the Post.

There are hundreds of genetic variations tied to autism spectrum disorder, based on the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Generally, these mutations enhance a person’s risk of autism; however, they do not destine someone to develop the condition. In other words, genes typically play only a partial role within the chance of growing autism, with environmental factors, such as the parents’ ages and birth complications, contributing as well.

However, in rare cases, genetic mutations are considered the primary cause of autism. Only about 2% to 4% of people with autism have these mutations, based on the NIH.

Research of Rizzo’s children discovered that they had two mutations tied to autism in genes known as MBD1 and SHANK1.

Most reproductive clinics test for several hundred genetic situations; however, there isn’t a test for autism, The Post reported.

In Rizzo’s lawsuit, she alleged that the donor’s profile had false information. For example, she mentioned that the donor didn’t have a college degree, because the profile listed, and that he had been diagnosed with ADHD, which was omitted from the profile, the Post reported. She settled the lawsuit in March for $250,000.

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